Holding Me Hostage

It is the hottest day of the year in Toronto.  I have no idea what the temperature is right now, just know I’m melting.  You can imagine my extreme frustration (or perhaps panic is the better word) when my tupperware container was holding my last lemon slice hostage.  How on earth was I supposed to have my morning lemon water you SOB!?!?!

Okay the truth is it may not have been all his fault.  I did also have that morning strength situation going on.  You know – morning strength – which actually means you have no strength at all and your arms are jello and your hands don’t seem to be moving in the direction that your brain is telling them to.

Also – the internet is holding this blog post hostage.  When Brad woke up this morning to go to work he had internet, but when I woke up the internet was down.  If I had to guess, I would say that the router didn’t get his lemon water this morning and overheated and stopped working.  But alas I have a solution – Starbucks!  Starbucks where there is delicious coffee that’s made for you.  Starbucks where there’s air conditioning.  Starbucks where there is free internet!

When I get home, maybe I’ll bring the fan into the office so that it can cool me off while I try to unplug the one million cords and restart the router.  But then again maybe I won’t.  (I have a REALLY special treat for my garden this morning.  I actually screeched when I was telling Brad about my plan, you’ll have to stay tuned.)

I have no other way to transition into the next part of my post except to play this video … yes again.  Learn to like it!

Soooooooooo goooooooood!  I had a “believe in yourself” moment myself while studying for my final marketing exam on Tuesday.  I was at the park with my text book, notes, and a highliter and a woman walked up to me and started a conversation about studying, since she was a teacher.  Then she told me to go to bed early and that she knew I could ace the exam … “80%!!!!!!! no 90% or higher!!!!!!!!!” she proclaimed as she and her dog walked away.

I was left giggling but realized that I should probably just go ahead and adopt a better attitude about studying for my exams.  Remember that midterm exam I had to write on the Sunday of the long weekend?  Well I got the highest mark in the class :).  Ah man I was so excited.  Now, I feel pretty silly for beating myself up about not working hard enough leading up to that exam.

In going with my new effort at having a good mood about studying, I figured that I better celebrate having finished my second final exam of the semester.  After I wrote it yesterday I headed over to Lily’s for pizza and beer … and potato wedges (because if you’re going to go dirty just go all the way dirty am I right?)

Two exams left to go over the next two weeks.  What a perfect excuse to take advantage of the library’s air conditioning.

Go ahead – tell me how bad the temperatures are at your house.  But …….. you have to use metric system because I only understand Celsius hahaha 😛

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