My Garden Of Love

Yeah I love my garden. My perfect day involves me watering and pruning and just basically staring at my garden as Brad paints in the driveway to get ready for his next big art show.

Let me share what’s happening in my little patch of dirt these days.

  • I still have diggers in my pots, again I suspect they’re squirrels.  I had sprinkled cayenne pepper in the pots and they hadn’t been touched them since, but the spiciness must have subsided.  They came back yesterday, but I shook on some more pepper before they could do any more damage.
  • Slugs – yup they’re still here.  But I have a new plan that involves beer.  What a great excuse to pick up a six pack this weekend 😉

  • Since I think the squirrels must have damaged some of my seedlings earlier in the season I decided to sow more lettuce, spinach, beans, and some of the herbs.  Let’s see if they will sprout at this time of the year.
  • The veggies seem to be sprouting well and it’s getting EXCITING.  The most promising seems to be the tomatoes.

  • Also – you may all have been right about the marigolds.  I’m sorry for calling you pessimists :(

I’ve got to get a quick watering in before I head to class this morning.  Every morning I’ve been watering because the heat is SO BAD in Toronto.

How’s everyone else’s garden doing?

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