My Garden Of Love

Yeah I love my garden. My perfect day involves me watering and pruning and just basically staring at my garden as Brad paints in the driveway to get ready for his next big art show.

Let me share what’s happening in my little patch of dirt these days.

  • I still have diggers in my pots, again I suspect they’re squirrels.  I had sprinkled cayenne pepper in the pots and they hadn’t been touched them since, but the spiciness must have subsided.  They came back yesterday, but I shook on some more pepper before they could do any more damage.
  • Slugs – yup they’re still here.  But I have a new plan that involves beer.  What a great excuse to pick up a six pack this weekend ;)

  • Since I think the squirrels must have damaged some of my seedlings earlier in the season I decided to sow more lettuce, spinach, beans, and some of the herbs.  Let’s see if they will sprout at this time of the year.
  • The veggies seem to be sprouting well and it’s getting EXCITING.  The most promising seems to be the tomatoes.

  • Also – you may all have been right about the marigolds.  I’m sorry for calling you pessimists :(

I’ve got to get a quick watering in before I head to class this morning.  Every morning I’ve been watering because the heat is SO BAD in Toronto.

How’s everyone else’s garden doing?

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16 Responses to My Garden Of Love

  1. zenlizzie says:

    I’m so happy to see another blogger with a garden! I’ve never thought of myself as an outdoorsy person, but in the last few years my summer garden has been one of the highlights of the season. Mine is overwhelming me a little at the moment – lots of growth but now lots of things to be weeded, tied up, picked, processed and put away!

  2. Therese says:

    I’ve heard good things about beer and slugs so I hope it works for ya! We still have raccoons digging our sod and even caught a baby sneaking in our yard (then I turned all soft when I saw he was just a baby and I sprayed him with water up a tree).

    I’m desperately trying to keep my Gerbera daisies alive, the heat is draining the soil constantly…

  3. I used to do a segment on my blog How Does Your Garden Grow Tuesdays! I love your little tomatoes!!

  4. Sara Hamil says:

    Despite the setbacks, look at how well it’s coming along! I remember when they were just little pots of soil *sniff*.

    I don’t know if I said it before but I really like your use of pots for your garden. It’s a great consideration for those of us that don’t have the room or means to dedicate a space for a traditional garden.

  5. I have a black thumb…so you can assume how my gardening is going. Bah!

  6. I’m excited to try having a garden next summer, i’m much better at keeping plants alive outside vs. inside, one day in my house and all flowers/plants shrivel up and die :)
    This heat is killer but i’m not complaining, i love canadian summers!

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      it’s my first time and it’s been pretty fun, you should definitely do it next summer!

  7. I’ve never heard of the cayenne trick! Smart!

  8. I’ve heard the beer thing really works for the slugs. I tried to get my parents to do it, but my dad refused to waste perfectly good beer. :)
    One day when I have a garden I’ll try it. That is, if I can keep my plants alive long enough for it to matter.

  9. Sam says:

    oooh I am sorry but your marigold makes me giggle :) My swiss chard got totally ripped out of the ground by some little bugger! I think i’m going to try to replant and do the cayenne trick!

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      you’d giggle more if you actually saw the garden – we have like 20 of these dead things in various parts of the entire backyard garden … it’s like a marigold graveyard!

  10. We don’t have a real garden, but we keep some strawberry and tomato pots on our balcony. The strawberries were few and tiny but delicious. Unfortunately strawberry season is already over for us. The tomatoes are doing great, a few of them have already ripened. They are the best tomatoes I’ve ever had!
    I’m looking forward to having a real big veggie garden one day.

  11. I am determined to start a garden next year!

  12. Priyanka says:

    I just have too many things to juggle around, so no garden this year. Yours seems to be coming along quite well.

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