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I Need You Bike

Alright friends, it’s two exams down and two to go.  Yesterday’s was marketing and I was very thankful that it wasn’t too difficult.  Coming up on Sunday is my Information Systems one, and I’m pretty nervous about it.  I have … Continue reading

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What Kind Of Salad Is This, Elf?

You know that twitter account that was made into a TV show with William Shatner – Sh*it My Dad Says?  Brad finds great triumph in the fact that the idea I had to start a twitter account called @WhatBradSays was … Continue reading

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Your Ear Smells Like Garlic Bread

… said Brad.  That’s the stuff that true love is made of.  Yeah my ears were a little garlicky yesterday.  I’ve been having trouble with my ears since May.  I had an ear infection and (very begrudgingly) took a round … Continue reading

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PLANKS: Did You Think It Was Over?

Ahhhhh I was so happy to be home from my out of town work travel and so exhausted from the week that I happily declined a visit to the zoo on Saturday to sit around.  I spent the day sleeping … Continue reading

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The truth – I’m still reeling from Susan’s news.  I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be feeling or acting, or even how I can best help.  For now, I just keep sending her humorous messages, texts, emails.  Because I … Continue reading

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Will Grilled Cheese Make It To Moncton?

Yesterday, I was very shocked to hear about my friend Susan’s news.  It was about her health and it was truly shocking news to get last night.  She posted late last night and whether you know her or not, if … Continue reading

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Do You Need An Attitude Adjustment?

Want a meal that’s good enough for dinner and good enough for breakfast?  Frittata.  And fun to say riiiiiiight 😉 Fritttttaaaaaaatttaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh and for the record.  I did it eat for dinner last night and for breakfast this morning. Okay … Continue reading

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First Day Of Summer

Oh MAN it’s official now.  It’s the first day of summer today, starting at 1:16pm.  Hooray.  Don’t you  just love summer?  And if you live in a northern state or in Canada, don’t you just love it A LOT?!?!?! This … Continue reading

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PLANKS: Things That Delight Me

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a threshold of the stress I can tolerate in my life.  Usually one major area, or two minor areas are tough, but manageable.  Unfortunately the last few weeks has given me … Continue reading

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Ottawa: Vitae-Mine

Long travel stinks eh?!?!  Okay it’s only a 56 minute flight from Toronto to Ottawa.  But when the flight is delayed, and when they loose your bag that you didn’t even check in (you know how they take your carry-on … Continue reading

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