PLANKS At The Cottage

Warning – IPhone post …

Oh me oh my. It has been QUITE the weekend. I am still at my Father In Law’s cottage celebrating Brad’s 30th birthday. (His actual birthday is Thursday).

And although there were many many treats and drinks consumed since Friday night, I did manage to sprinkle in some healthy behaviors.

First of all, I finally found the PC Greek yogurt and was introduced to my first ever bowl of protein-y goodness. Yahoo! I packed raw veggies and fruit as snacks and made sure that all of our meals included a side of veggies. Water was my absolute friend yesterday and I’m pretty glad I was responsible and stayed hydrated. We actually had sun all day Saturday and Sunday.

Last but not least – I successfully completed my 1 min and 30 second plank yesterday.

Wait one more last but not least. My brother in law flew home from New Brunswick to surprise Brad and took the party up a couple notches (to say the least). He threw an entire picnic table on the bonfire last night.

Pics …




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5 Responses to PLANKS At The Cottage

  1. That yogurt looks yummy! Good for you for keeping some healthy habits :) Congrats on your plank! Wahoo!

  2. So you liked the yogurt? I bought the plain stuff and was really disappointed with it. Probably because its 0% – fat makes everything better.

  3. Love the PC greek yogurt, but I haven’t tried the honey. It is next on my list :)

  4. PB Addict says:

    I just found out the PC Greek Yogurt comes in Honey now too and can’t wait to try it! :)
    Way to go on the 1min 30 sec plank!! I managed to hold mine for 1 min now and working on longer.

  5. 1 min and 30 seconds!! woohoo!! I made it to 42 seconds yesterday.

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