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Yessss, I’ve already got a bunch of you guys on board for the #Fitblog PLANKS challenge.  Hooray :)  Some of you have been asking for specific plans for your 6 week program, however I’m not able to give that to you guys, sorry.  Because I’m not a certified personal trainer I don’t have the credentials to design nor recommend a program for you.  I will tell you that I’m going to be doing research for my plan over the next few days and I’ll post any good links to the Life After Bagels and the #Fitblog Facebook pages and hopefully that will help you.  On Monday, my go to fitness expert – Susan from The Great Balancing Act will be sharing her “how to’s” on the proper plank position.

Also the PLANKS badges are up on the #Fitblog website so go grab em!

FitBlog Chats

Alright, so you may have read my tweets or FB status updates that I was off to New York City on Tuesday, and it’s true, I wasn’t lying.  But it was for work (a new job) that’s why you didn’t hear too much about it here.  It was quite the whirlwind, there and back in one day.  I left the house at 6:30am and got home at 11pm.  OBVIOUSLY my main concern on a trip like that is food.

Because I wasn’t checking any bags I had very limited options on how much and what I could bring with me.  I decided that bringing enough for breakfast was going to be good enough.  Before I left for the airport I had a bowl of cereal, but I knew I would need extra food soon.  Here was my second breakfast:

  • tea
  • orange juice
  • muffins (I saved one for later in the day)
  • roasted almonds (from the lounge at the airport)
  • sliced apple

I knew lunch was going to be at the mercy of the office, we ordered sushi.  I’m not a big sushi fan because there’s not a tonne of vegetarian options but this menu was pretty good.  My lunch combo came with avacado rolls, sweet potato rolls, and a small garden salad.  First time having sweet potato rolls = delicious!  No picture, it was my first day and I’ll let them slowly warm up to how weird I am 😉

Dinner was the ONLY vegetarian option I could find at Newark Airport – veggie sub.

Not too too bad eh?  That hearty breakfast was key.

But yesterday, I was far too happy to be able to prepare my lunch in the comfort of my own kitchen before I took off for school.

FRITTATAAAAAAAAAAAA (it never gets less fun to say).

How do you prepare to eat when you’re traveling?

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