#Fitblog PLANKS Challenge!

I am relentless aren’t I?  Didn’t we just finish the PIPES challenge and how I’m throwing another one at you.  Yuppers 😉

Ladies and Gentleman may I introduce to you the:

#Fitblog PLANKS Challenge

Planks artwork from @LeavingFatville

You will definitely be seeing lots of PLANKS challenge related stuff on Life After Bagels, but this time I am teaming up with Katy and we’re hosting the challenge through #fitblog.

Challenge Details:

  • May 16-June 26; a 6-week challenge open to anyone and everyone
  • A gradual, goal-based program helping participants take on the “plank” position and increase both length of time and number of times in plank per week
  • Participants will set their own goals and design their own programs
  • Guided blog topic starters (optional)

What should you do now:

  • Announce that you are IN for the challenge – write a blog post and share it, announce it on twitter or Facebook, or just give a great big “I’m in” in the comment section
  • Make your plan – test your starting point, then develop a goal that you want to get to in six weeks, then fill in what you’ll need to do each week to get there

Stay Connected:

What’s coming next:

  • On Monday I’ll be posting my challenge goals, links to proper plank positioning and resources, as well as the weekly blog post topics (if you want to write along with us.)
  • The badges designed by @LeavingFatville will be posted on the Fitblog website (we’ll let you know when you can grab them)
  • The June 28th #fitblog chat (at 9pm ET) will wrap up our challenge and chat about fitness in groups, etc.

I’m SO excited to be bringing you guys along for another of my crazy rides :)

Now shout it out … who’s in?!?!

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