My Monday Manic

I’m two Mondays in to my summer semester and I’m going to need to adjust my approach to them.  Seeing as I don’t have class until the afternoon for the month of May, I have tried to fit one billion things into the front half of my day … yet again.  Here is the manic that was my office yesterday:

In the picture above you’ll see a wad of US cash.  That’s because I’m off to NYC today but just realized (at a time far too late to visit the bank) that I didn’t really have that much USD.  Ah well, that’s what credit cards are for.

Another pic:

If you notice on the right hand side of that picture, my printer has started printing my documents on pink paper.  Don’t ask me why I have pink paper in the back of my feeder tray.  I’m sure I have a perfectly good reason that I can’t think of right now.

Yes very very manic.  Before I left for work I was cooking and doing homework and catching up on some regular work and preparing what I need to fly to NYC.  Then I went to school until late into the evening.  You think I would be tired when I got home (and I was), but I just can’t go to sleep on a unfinished to do list.  So I finished the cooking I hadn’t crossed off my list.  It included curried stew and muffins.

You know what they say about the definition of crazy right – “repeating the same action and expecting a different result.”  Anyone care to wager if I’ll learn my lesson by next Monday?  I’d like next Monday’s result to be: LESS CRAZY WOMAN!

Do you have a day where you continuously try to cram in too many activities?

PS: the next CHALLENGE starts this Monday (uh oh look my plate’s already filling up 😉 ).  This time I’ll be running the challenge through #fitblog with Katy.  That means more participants when the going gets tough.  I’ll have a video post on my blog tomorrow.  But also make sure you’re signed up to all things #fitblog:

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