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I haven’t had a “real” job since I left my position in January.  In some ways it’s been incredibly freeing and relaxing, but it another way it’s been making me crazy and giving me anxiety.  Let me explain.

Obviously, like anyone trying to run a business or work entirely from freelance, it’s a hard life.  It’s a hard life that takes an enormous amount of time with not a huge payoff (literally).  Since January I’ve been working like a dog on blog / online related activities, other freelance related income and managing Brad’s freelance art business.  At times the income flow is slow and sometimes it’s not at all.  Oh yeah – and I’ve been a full time student :P

Unfortunately all this freelance work does not pay the bills and it’s time for me to get a “real” part time job for while I’m in school.  Job searching is a hard life!  I have some really specific needs for the job I work and I’ve spent the last couple weeks communicating with a few different companies seeing if we can meet in the middle.  Last night I had a meeting about meeting in the middle with a company that I would be really excited to work for.  I am really crossing my fingers that the details can work out exactly as we discussed last night.  If so, I could start working as early as the end of this week.  And even better I’ve had two really awesome advances in some of my freelance efforts.  Can’t say what yet, but things are looking GOOD for me right now and I’m so grateful :)

Speaking of work, pushups are KILLING ME!!!!!!!

Look at me, I can barely flex :P

I’ve got a mission to eat really clean this week so I’m all ready to do my final pushup test.  Here are some of the stars of my meals yesterday:

This was my lunch and was the most delicious thing that touched my lips.

  • plain yogurt with vanilla Manitoba Harvest hemp protein

  • my homemade cereal
  • a huge helping of homemade applesauce

For dinner I hade a grilled cheese panini with a side salad, if you can call this puppy a side.

  • shredded carrots
  • spinach
  • roasted dill chickpeas

How many jobs or income sources do you have?

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16 Responses to Jobs, Working, Income

  1. I do have a FT job, but I think I would love to be able to support myself with a freelance writing career one day, so I’m focused on building that up on the side … you’re right, it’s time consuming, exhausting, and not always rewarding, both financially and professionally.

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      Well this is the route I took to freelance writing – I just kept calling myself a writer, applied to every article and/or staff writing job you can think of (yes even if it was for free!) and eventually I started to get paying jobs :)

  2. Right now I have one fulltime job. As a teacher, that’s plenty. :D After June 3 though I will be unemployed. I’m heading back to school in the fall and I am 100% uncertain of what I will be doing for income. I probably will not have a job in the fall so I can focus on school and training for my first marathon. As soon as that’s done though…I’ll have to find something. :D

    • Morgan @ Life After Bagels says:

      you’ll have to make sure you enjoy the time away from work, it’s very refreshing and I really feel so fortunate that I had enough saved up to take last semester off!

  3. I have one full-time job. I don’t get money from blogging. It’s a hobby. :)

  4. I have one source of income, and its not enough. At all. Right now Im thinking I may need to sell a kidney just to pay for my dogs surgery on Thursday.
    How much do you think I could get for a kidney?

  5. So happy for you that things are looking up and I hope the job you want works out!! :)

  6. Good luck on the job search! I feel you on wanting to find something with a steadier pay.

  7. I have a full-time job, but it’s not that well paid. Or maybe I have just too many bills? That means a lot of number crunching for me. I couldn’t imagine getting another job, the first one is already quite exhausting and time consuming.
    Good luck with your job search!

  8. Aunt Jude says:

    What ever you do, don’t forget to stash something away for your old age. You don’t want to get there and say “I can only afford to live this long” that would suck. You can never put away enough for when you can’t work, cause those damn politicians will always get you in the end with taxes.

  9. Monica says:

    This year, I worked two jobs and did school full time, which I’m pretty sure took years off my life. Right now, the summer job hunt is stressing me out! I have an interview tomorrow though for a full time position at the school which I REALLY REALLY want. Of course, it’s before my final exam, so hopefully I can get a grip on my nerves in time for the interview! Good luck with your search!

  10. Anna says:

    In school, I taught about twenty private piano students and also worked in the Registrar’s office on campus. At the end of December I moved for student teaching and so have not been working. I have kept busy student teaching but it has been difficult not having a job. I have had some sort of job since junior high so it feels weird. I have babysat a few times since January but that is different.

    Now I am busy applying for teaching positions and looking for some sort of summer job to keep me occupied while I search for a teaching position. It is a strange transition time but I am learning to go with the flow ^_^

  11. oh man i feel your pain. right now between my fiance and i all we have is my grad school stipend coming in. hopefully he’ll be able to take his licensure exam soon (if the wisconsin chiropractic board would ever WRITE it!) and he can start working too.

    in college though, i had 3 jobs plus a work study position at one time. it was a crazy semester!

  12. Currently we only have one income source between the two… clearly that needs to change! I feel ya on the job search, working at it myself right now :)

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