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I Was Not In Japan

My scheduled is messsssssed up.  Since I’ve been off school, my bedtime has been pushing later and later.  It’s not because I want it to, it’s because I just end up not being able to fall asleep at 10 or … Continue reading

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My Name Is Morgan And I’m A Fitness Apparel Addict

I’m having feed problems, so if you use feed can you kindly update your feed to Who stayed up late to watch the hockey game?  I know I did!  Woooooo that was a close one Canucks 😛 So I’m … Continue reading

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Jobs, Working, Income

I haven’t had a “real” job since I left my position in January.  In some ways it’s been incredibly freeing and relaxing, but it another way it’s been making me crazy and giving me anxiety.  Let me explain. Obviously, like … Continue reading

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PIPES: You Can Do It!!!!!

Good morning, good morning, it’s great to stay up late.  Actually it sucks staying up late, because then it leads to sleeping late.  I am VOWING to not let myself sleep in so much next weekend so that I can … Continue reading

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The Easter Bunny Brought Dessert

Happy Easter everyone We did a lot of family visiting this weekend and apparently the only parts of our meals that got photographed were desserts.  Delicious desserts.  Actually yesterday we even had afternoon dessert outside.  The weather was so nice … Continue reading

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Earth Friendly = Good Friday

Ah up nice and early today and I’m about to head to the Farmer’s Market … in the rain :P.  I just grabbed a super quick breakfast of pumpernickel toast with peanut butter.  Only problem is, I had to crack … Continue reading

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Parfait Parfait

Not parfait twice.  Parfait = the french word for perfect.  Yesterday’s breakfast was the most perfect parfait.  For starters I made my own cereal mix.  I took oats, quinoa, oat bran, slivered almonds, and walnuts and toasted them in the … Continue reading

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How Much Do You Eat?

My tagline isn’t “where hungry girl meets healthy girl” for no reason.  I like to eat.  Food.  Obviously 😉 At my old job, there was a constant stream of food at my desk.  Every time I was in my office, … Continue reading

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Last night saw my Veggilicious dreams come true.  Every year in Toronto, thousands of restaurants participate in Winterlicious and Summerlicious, but the menus are rarely vegetarian friendly.  And now, finally, something for me!  It’s the first ever Toronto Veggielicious and … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Of Crunch Time

That’s two weeks of crunch time, not two weeks of crunches.  That being said I should probably start making my weekly workout plan a little more well rounded.  I’ve become pushup obsessed!  Last night I should have started week 5, … Continue reading

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