All Your Weekly Life After Bagels Info

Hey friends! Wow it’s been quite the busy week, and not just that paper I was writing.

We started the PIPES Challenge this week and I’m so proud of how awesome everyone is doing :)

Make sure you visit my blog every Monday to leave a comment on my update post. We have a bunch of awesome sponsors and every time you leave a comment updating your progress on a Monday post during the challenge, it enters you into the draw for the prizes.

I actually have quite a bit of free stuff for you guys over the next little while.  Right now I have a skort giveaway from 4all.  Click on my Girly Girl post to leave a comment entering you in that draw, it closes tomorrow!

How about some free tea?!?!?!  Join me on Tuesday March 29th at 3pm along with Celestial Seasonings (@SleepyTimeBear) for a TEAlicious tweet up.  Check out the invitation.

Lastly (and perhaps quite last minute since it’s almost 6pm at my house) I hope you will join me in participating in Earth Hour.  At 8:30pm tonight, commit to not consuming ANY energy for an hour.  Turn off and unplug everything in your house!  I like to take this hour to reflect on all of the ways I can conserve energy over the next year.

I hope you have a wonderfully reflective hour as well :)

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6 Responses to All Your Weekly Life After Bagels Info

  1. I like to use my ear to reflect on how to consume more energy. :P (Sound familiar?)

    But in all seriousness, I’m really looking forward to the couch, candlelight and a book!

  2. I feel you on the busy-ness stuff, but it’s mostly because I have a little wriggling and rolling bumpkin all over the place! It’s fun, but exhausting sometime!

  3. Oh no, I missed earth hour! But I wasn’t at home last night, so everything was off anyway. Does that count?

  4. I participated in Earth Hour, but on the East Coast time instead of West Coast. Im kind of a rebel that way. :)
    Plus, I didnt want to be at home in the dark. :)

  5. I absolutely love Celestial Seasonings tea. So yummy! Honey vanilla chamomile is the best. I highly suggest trying it asap.

  6. I missed Earth Hour! Darn.

    I am still on Day 2 of week 1 of the pushup challenge. I ran (my first) 5K this weekend and so last week was consumed with getting in the last minute practice on the treadmill for my big race :) I will put more effort into my pipes this week – but seriously I already feel stronger and I can’t believe! Thanks for the motivation, Morgan!

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