Me, The Stationary Bike . . . And Freud

Yay so many participants in the PIPES Challenge so far.  T minus 5 days :)  Have you joined yet?

Good morning!  Even though I had a yucky sleep last night I’m in a great mood because steel cut oats are back in my life!  This morning I started with some granola, oats, and peanut butter.

You may also notice something else in my life – FREUD!  Yup that’s the topic of my Humanities class this week, and I think next week too.  This is haaaaaaaaard to read.  Hard!

Being at the end of the semester has me multi-tasking like crazy.  Yesterday I had to take my reading to the gym.  I jumped on the stationary bike and rode for forty minutes, all while reading Freud.  My brain was FRIED after my workout.  I felt lost, confused, didn’t know where I was.  I’m surprised I even went the right way on the subway ;)

I tweeted about my adventures and this was one of the replies:

Hmmmm good point.  I like to take my exercise time for me, for reflection too.

But I just don’t have the luxury of that time for the next few weeks.  It’s a good discussion to have:

How do you treat exercise time?  Do you ever read while on the bike / treadmill?  How about iPods and music?

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18 Responses to Me, The Stationary Bike . . . And Freud

  1. Exercise is definitely me time. If I run outside, I listen to audiobooks, and if I use the elliptical indoors, I choose a tv show or movie from Netflix instant watch. I understand the pressure of the end of the semester, though! I’m only on spring break right now, but I’m spending it working ahead in the attempt to avoid end of semester burn out. Good luck with Freud!

  2. I need music to work out! While I do enjoy reading while on the machines I find I end up focusing more on the magazine/book than I do on the workout…so I’ve stopped reading. I TV watch instead.

  3. Katie says:

    Nope, I almost always run or bike outside, so I can’t read at the same time! Honestly, I often don’t even bring music, though – like you said, it’s ‘me’ time. I have to admit, I have gotten frustrated at the SLOW walkers weaving in and out of their lane walking on the indoor track on campus this winter. They are completely oblivious to what is happening around them – it’s like, get on a treadmill already!

  4. Christie says:

    I tried reading once on the elliptical but it was so hard! All that bouncing around… made my eyes hurt! I tried listening to audio books too and watching tv but not distracting enough for me to get lost in.

    Of course, I really despise running still, so that could be my problem. Now I want to go run just to see if I can do it.

    Also- clever pic “reflection” hehe made me giggle. Way to go!

  5. I’m a Ph.D. Student and so sometimes, like you, my only option s to multi-task! I’ve read on the treadmill, etc. When I was taking statistics, I had an awesome professor who recorded his lectures. So I would download them to my iPod and hit the trails!! It was great. I agree that it should be “me” time as much as possible but sometimes it’s just not!

  6. I study review sheets on the elliptical sometimes, and I definitely read books on the bike, too!

  7. Haha, that is some heavy reading while exercising- I probably would’ve fallen off the bike! I don’t read while exercising because inevitably I’ll find myself unable to focus on either, meaning I won’t get a good workout and I’ll have to re-read whatever I was reading!

  8. I love to use my workouts as me time, but it’s also nice to have a workout buddy sometimes. Lately I’ve been running outside a lot, I don’t listen to music then, as I don’t want to block out my surroundings.
    I haven’t tried reading on a stationary bike yet, but it sounds like fun. It rather read Runner’s World instead of Freud, though.

  9. I’ve tried reading on the treadmill before – it doesnt work for me. I get too dizzy. On the stationary bike I can do it, but it needs to be something good.

  10. If I’m in the gym I NEED music. I find gyms really boring, and treadmills too. I love to get my sweat on, but I like getting it on outside even more. I can only read on stuff I’m not bouncing up and down on too much; so if I’m walking on the treadmill. Maybe the stationary bike too.

  11. I can only read magazines on the elliptical. When I read I don’t need music. When running, though I need music since I can’t read.

  12. You’ve been tagged as a Stylish Blogger :D Check out my last post for the details :D

  13. when i was taking classes i ALWAYS studied on the treadmill! multi-tasking my friend. sometimes you just have to do it!

  14. janet says:

    I definitely use it as me time… in fact, I use it as “turn off your brain” mode where I focus solely on making sure I am focusing on my exercises if I am in a class. In the summer, I do a lot of biking and have to pay attention to cars, etc, but otherwise let my mind wander freely. :)

    I get dizzy if I read while on an elliptical, and don’t really focus on pushing myself… even watching the tv can be challenging… and I definitely need music. Otherwise it is awfully boring. :P

  15. I seem to be having issues posting on your blog today for some reason!

    When close to an exam I will typically study and workout but I hate feeling mentally drained afterwards…

    As for the IPOD, it’s a must while at the gym. I hate being there usually and music keeps me going.

    When I am outside running there are usually 1 or 2 days where I need to just listen to my feet hit the pavement and the air hit my lungs….Other days I am pumping the tune-age like you wouldn’t believe!

  16. I try to read while working out but it ends up being a giant fail! The most I can muster is kind of perusing a fluffy magazine while I do cardio! :P

  17. Nat says:

    I usually listen to my ipod while working out. I have been struggling with this same issue though: study time vs. exercise time. As the course exam approaches, my gym time is seriously decreasing. I was thinking about bringing my notes into the gym but I don’t know how productive it will be.

  18. Ashley S. says:

    :) As you already know I don’t like to mix workout time with school work… etc.

    I’m actually (it seems) one of the few people who don’t like to listen to music or anything during any of my workouts. I like the hear the sound of my breathing, wind in the trees, pounding of my feet on the pavement, or whatever else might be going on around me regardless if its in the gym, on the trainer, or outside. For me that is the way I achieve balance from my workouts. :)

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