Me, The Stationary Bike . . . And Freud

Yay so many participants in the PIPES Challenge so far.  T minus 5 days :)  Have you joined yet?

Good morning!  Even though I had a yucky sleep last night I’m in a great mood because steel cut oats are back in my life!  This morning I started with some granola, oats, and peanut butter.

You may also notice something else in my life – FREUD!  Yup that’s the topic of my Humanities class this week, and I think next week too.  This is haaaaaaaaard to read.  Hard!

Being at the end of the semester has me multi-tasking like crazy.  Yesterday I had to take my reading to the gym.  I jumped on the stationary bike and rode for forty minutes, all while reading Freud.  My brain was FRIED after my workout.  I felt lost, confused, didn’t know where I was.  I’m surprised I even went the right way on the subway 😉

I tweeted about my adventures and this was one of the replies:

Hmmmm good point.  I like to take my exercise time for me, for reflection too.

But I just don’t have the luxury of that time for the next few weeks.  It’s a good discussion to have:

How do you treat exercise time?  Do you ever read while on the bike / treadmill?  How about iPods and music?

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