Just Way Too Exciting

I’ve been so busy with school lately that my planned blogger meetup yesterday was barely a blip on my radar until I woke up on Saturday morning and remembered that I had some awesome plans.  Angela from Eat Spin Run Repeat put together a fabulous lunch date for us and invited us all the way out to Waterloo.  Thankfully Sarah offered us a carpool.

Our destination: Thrive Juice Bar

This place was seriously beautiful, super cool decor!  I always like being able to look onto the food prep, it’s so interesting.

I had some wonderful company to enjoy my lunch with:

Sometimes I just want to weep at my good fortune of having such amazing friends.  I had the most wonderful time chatting with these ladies yesterday.  Dani brought a big huge box of awesomeness with her.  Rivi’s Guilt Free Cookies and Sweets From The Earth very generously donated a whole bunch of sweets for us to make goodie bags with.  I’m not even that much of a sweets person, but these two companies seriously know how to delight, I think I may have squealed!

Now onto the lunch at Thrive.  This food was so delicious I had a smile on my face the entire time.  First was a sangria smoothie.

For lunch I ordered the Vegan Pad Thai.  So full of flavour, so full of veggies!  Every bite tasted a little bit different because there were so many flavours in one dish.

Lastly, they served up a cheese cake that Sweets From The Earth sent for us along with some coconut gelato and a cup of delicious loose leaf tea (that I can’t remember the flavour probably because I was too excited, just know that it was delicious).

The owner, Jonnie was so nice and kind and showed us the best afternoon ever.  May I be cliche for a moment and say RUN don’t walk to Thrive Juice Bar.  I’m already trying to plan who will drive me there next :)  Any takers?

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17 Responses to Just Way Too Exciting

  1. Mmm…everything looks so good! What a cool place! :)

  2. Looks like you have a fantastic time, so sorry I missed it :( Next time for sure!

  3. I think this is one of my favourite meet-ups so far!! I’m so glad you ladies could make it and if you EVER want to come back I will gladly put you up in my house… maybe we could go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? LOL! Can’t wait to see you again soon! :)

  4. Nancy says:

    While you were in my neck of the woods, I was in (not really) yours! Whoa, this spot looks incredible. I’m going to have to make a trip down the street to check it out!

  5. Susan says:

    Waaaah!! Wish I could have made it!!!

    Sangria smoothie? Sign me up!

  6. Everything looks so delicious! Now I’m getting hungry. I wish we had a restaurant like that around here.

  7. I had a blogger meet up yesterday too. It was awesome. Such fun to get together with others who share the same interests.

  8. it looks like such a great meet-up! :) i’m glad you guys had fun & the juice bar looks amazing!

  9. that looks like a blast! what a neat place!

  10. Gillian says:

    I’m sorry I couldn’t make it, you ladies all seem so lovely and this place looks incredible! I hope there’s a next time!!

  11. Serious way too exciting! I had such a great time obviously, look how silly I am in those photos :)

    I think the tea was called Ginger Lime, so good!

  12. That looks like so much fun–good food and even better company! :)

  13. Therese says:

    Had an amazing time! I think they’d do quite well in Toronto so maybe we need to hint loud enough! :)

  14. Well I don’t have a car… but my husband does. I want to go!!!


  15. Andrea says:

    this reminds me that you still have to go KindFood in Burlington. with me.

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  17. Just clicked on your link from the Thrive Juice Bar “In the News”. How neat! Are you from Canada as well?

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