Spring Cleaning: Your Makeup Bag Part 1

Now that I’ve adopted my awesome new morning routine, 6am seems a little nicer.  Even breakfast seems like a lovely affair of fuel and caffeine.  My breakfast fuel:

  • sliced pair sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice and warmed in the oven for one minute
  • 1 cup of yogurt
  • 1/2 cup of cereal

All was good indoors, but outdoors – the weather outside was frightful.

I had already scheduled a series of SPRING cleaning your makeup bag posts when this happened:

Yesterday was the SLUSHIEST and coldest and most yuckiest day!  I did my darnedest to stay chipper.  On really yucky days I like to wear red or fuschia lipstick, colour is always good on a day like that.  Yesterday I cracked open a new tube of really bright pink, ahhhhhh so princess-ish (is that a word?)

Speaking of new lipstick (like the segue, I wasn’t even thinking of it when I opened the new tube) . . . let’s chat old makeup shall we?  I thought I’d take a break from the healthy skin videos to talk about a healthy makeup bag.

Here are the timelines for how long you should keep any of your cream of liquid makeup products for:

  • mascara: 3 months
  • liquid eyeliner: 3 months
  • pencil eyeliner: 1 year
  • lip liner: 1 year
  • foundation: 1 year
  • concealer: 1 year
  • lipgloss: 6 months
  • lipstick: 1 year
  • cream blush or bronzer: 1 year

Anything that’s liquid or cream are the worst offenders for housing bacteria.  If your product smells bad, changes colour, or changes consistency, then throw it out.  And of course, if you get an eye infection, throw out all of your eye products immediately.

Do you have any cream or liquid products that you need to go throw out?

** In case you realized that you have to throw out your entire makeup bag, it’s okay we’ve got you covered – head on over to A Healthy Happier Bear Blog where Ashley is giving away $300 worth of cosmetics .  You have until the end of today (Thursday) to enter her contest.

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11 Responses to Spring Cleaning: Your Makeup Bag Part 1

  1. Therese says:

    What great timing, Morgan! I was just thinking this week that my makeup bag needs a total overhaul! But it also serves as a great excuse to go shopping! :)

  2. Kim says:

    Yikes – I think I am one of those “throw out the entire bag” people!

  3. Great ideas-I always hoard my old makeup which is so gross! I need to refresh and clean out!

  4. Uh oh! I guess I’d have to throw A LOT out of my bag! Thanks for the reminder!
    I also have lots of old, powder-based eye-shadow, what about those?

  5. i think this is one of those things that everyone KNOWS they should do, but most people don’t actually do it. i definitely have a couple things that need to go!

  6. A while ago I was using a liquid eyeliner back from when I danced, which was about 10 years ago. Even though nothing bad happened, I decided it would be better to not go blind or something and bought a new one lol. Clearly I don’t wear makeup all that often… ;)

  7. I definitely keep my stuff longer than that. :S I’ve been thinking about going through my make up bag and sorting stuff out, then going and getting some fun new makeup. :D I just haven’t been in the mood for anything more than mascara lately…

  8. cailen says:

    mmm…that breakfast sounds delicious! i’m going to have to try that sometime : )

    ps i’m compiling a cookbook of dinners that “star” vegetables. would you be interested in contributing a recipe or two?

  9. No! Im not even close to finished with my liquid eyeliner in 3 months. How can anyone possibly go through it that fast? Im not ok with this. That shits expensive.

  10. ugh! What a nasty looking day. Yesterday and the day before were like that but today got up to 50 and it was gloriously sunny…….but as we discussed, the grass is always greener. You got a nap, I got to go to the zoo. hehe

  11. Yikes your post about makeup really reminds me that I need to burn everything and start over.

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