Sweet Treat

Here’s the kicker . . . you don’t know what part of this post is the “sweet treat” part.  Actually I’ll just let you decide for yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may I present you exhibit A.  Someone I REALLY really like was on Ellen yesterday.  I whipped out my camera and approached the TV.  Brad just stared and me and said, “I’m sorry what are you doing?”

Ummmmm I’m documenting my life for the blog Brad.  Geez what does he think I’m doing? :)

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I give you exhibit B.

Apparently I failed to properly schedule my meals and somehow missed pancake Tuesday.  Brad came home yesterday in a RAGE asking if I’d read Claire’s blog.  I hadn’t (sorry Claire).  She missed it too and is planning on making my pumpkin pancakes this weekend.  So the conclusion to all of this rambling is – I actually broke my meal plan and made pancakes, vegan pancakes . . . and peaches . . . and maple syrup!

It was a goooooooooood night my friends.

I’m off to a meeting with my mentor.  Then I’ll be back to shoot my healthy skin video which you can expect this afternoon.  It will be the final sensitive skin post (part 3) and it’s on smart sampling.

**If you didn’t read Tuesday’s post – if you’re interested in being emailed the details when I announce the new blog challenge I’m launching this month, leave a mention in the comment section from Tuesday.

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