Healthy Skin Video: Dark Circles

Yay video blogging is back friends.  I just hope you can’t see the yucky dry nose situation I’ve got from too much blowing.  Too much information?  At least I didn’t blow my nose on camera.

First I shall start with some housekeeping / announcements:

  • I have updated the Life After Bagels Recipes page to include last week’s recipes: cabbage rolls, and two different stew recipes
  • A recently added feature to my sidebar is email subscription, enter your email address over THERE ——-> to get Life After Bagels posts to your inbox
  • I’m hosting #fitblog next week!!!!!  I hope you’ll all join me on Tuesday. Don’t know what #fitblog is?  Check out their homepage and email me if you have further questions (or have no idea what #fitblog actually is, you’re not the only one, it’s okay, just email me)

Now onto the video.  Many of you inquired about under eye dark circles.

If you have more specific questions, just email me or put them in the comment section.

Life After Bagels Eye Cream Recommendation

Do you have a favourite eye cream for under eye circles?  How about a favourite at home remedy?

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