4 Guts 4 Glory 4 Fun

Did somebody say tryout?  Uh oh my competitive juices are starting to flow.  Athletic apparel company, 4all by jofit put an open call to all bloggers this month to tryout to be a 4all brand ambassador.

for every

early rising,

sun saluting,

net charging,

lunch packing


super(role) model,

play the back tee –

sweat, glow,

glisten, grunt,

for guts,

for glory,

for fun,

for curvy

and straight

ATHLETIC APPAREL!!!!!! Yes please :)

Let’s set the mood.

4all asked us to answer this question:

What or who inspired you to start a fitness/sports routine and how are you planning to gain power in the New Year?

Luckily for me, I didn’t need to find inspiration.  I was introduced to a love of sports at a very early age thanks to my parents.  The second I was old enough we marched down to the local little league park to sign me up for tee-ball.

At just 5 years old I started my love of sports and fitness.  It stayed with me all through childhood and teenage years.  There was no sport I wouldn’t try:

  • softball
  • rugby
  • track and field
  • basketball
  • volleyball
  • even waterpolo!

It’s been twenty one years since I first stepped foot onto the field.

Fitness means something very different to me.  It’s no longer about winning the championship.  Fitness is for me.  It’s a way to stay healthy.  It’s a way to stay powerful.

In 2011 there are a lot of uncertainties and new journeys for me.  One thing will remain constant, the ability to hit the open road either by foot or bike.  When things get scary or things get tough, I know I can find peace in the weight room.  Now that’s powerful!

How about you, when were you first introduced to sports/fitness?

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