Oh Oh Oh My Tastebuds

Knowing that I had the weekend off, Brad spent the whole week requesting french toast.  After all that wood chopping on Saturday, I felt he deserved it.  I made it extra special.

Those are local baked pears.  I just threw the juice of half an orange and a teaspoon of brown sugar and baked them in the oven for 30 minutes.  (You can check out my full pear crisp recipe on my recipe page.)  What a perfect topping.

The deliciousness did not stop there.  My work team went for dinner last night to Milestones.  I have given the award for BEST VEGGIE BURGER IN THE WORLD to Milestones so I was very excited for dinner.

Get in my belly!!!!!!!!!  And it didn’t stop there friends, it didn’t stop there.  What’s next – pumpkin spice creme brulee.

I could barely stuff any more in.  Maybe, just maybe I put a dent in half, but probably a bit less.  But look, I’m trying so hard!

Do you have a favourite burger place?

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