Tackle A Nagging Task

I finished reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin last night.  It’s pretty overdue.  Overdue by about eight dollars on Sir Bradley’s library card.  (Suckaaaaaaa!)

Last night Gretchen Rubin could have been sitting in my kitchen.  She could have waited for the right moment.  She could have leapt up in joy and said, “I told you so!”  If you recall, one of The Happiness Project’s “to do’s” is to tackle nagging tasks.  Take a peak at this nagging task list.

Do you notice line 7: MAKE HAIR APPOINTMENT?  Well Gretchen Rubin, you are right, I should have gotten a hair cut.  Do you want to know why Gretchen Rubin.  Because I burnt my hair last night.

Yup, the occupational hazzards of blogging.  Do you want to see what picture I was taking when the burnt hair incident happened, Gretchen Rubin?

Just some basic veggies, in a blurry photo.  I didn’t have time to focus before I caught a whiff of my error.

I was throwing the veggies onto some whole wheat pasta with store bought alfredo sauce.  It was an alternate to the frozen lasagna we sometimes buy.

Brad thought it tasted delicious.  All I could smell was burnt hair.

Here’s today’s questions:  Have you ever smelled burnt hair?

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