Connectober Draws To A Close

Last week I was lucky enough to be the featured podcast on Making Love In The Kitchen with Meghan Telpner.  Check out my Organizing For Health Podcast.

As I’m sure you know, yesterday was October 31st.  Yes Halloween, and for me the last day of Connectober.  I had an absolutely fabulous time hanging out with all my friends and family and I met tonnes of new people this month.  Yesterday I was able to throw in one last fabulous Connectober event by hosting a brunch with some fabulous bloggers at Pulp Kitchen.

I decided that because it was Halloween, I needed to assemble a healthy trick or treat bag (and Brad helped, those are his hands.)

I had a Halloween balloon and pencil, a honey crisp apple, and some Soak samples from Ngoc who I met at Blissdom.

I have never been to Pulp Kitchen before so I was very excited to chow down on their delicious vegan cuisine.  The cafe was very cute!

Here is the fabulous group of bloggers:  Nienke, Lisa, Sarah, Me, Preena, Danielle, Therese, and Amanda

Now that Connectober’s over it’s time to make some goals for November.

What are your goals this month?

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9 Responses to Connectober Draws To A Close

  1. So nice meeting you yesterday!

    My goal for November…live with total passion and inspiration! Have a beautiful day :)

  2. Therese says:

    It was so great to finally meet you yesterday and thanks again to you and Brad for the awesome treat bags, my boyfriend was very jealous! ;)

    I can’t believe November is here already!!!! It’s almost panic inducing!

  3. So sad I wasn’t able to go, glad it was a great meet-up!


    and goals for November… something more simple than October, because I failed miserably at those! Keep up my yoga practice, and write more!


  4. Claudia says:

    just finished listening to the podcast, thanks for the great tips.

    Glad you ladies had a great time yesterday!

  5. You and your baggies are adorable! I know your last post spoke of the amazing kindness of people, but don’t forget that you’re one of them! :) xo

  6. amanda says:

    It was great meeting you yesterday! I loved the healthy trick or treat bags – they were awesome!

  7. Goals for November – you have me thinking about Connectober! And to pay a little closer attention to a balanced diet and exercise routine; holidays are coming closer so the extra work now means for some indulgences in December!

  8. Aww, you all are so cute. Congrats on a successful connectober month!

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