I Could Have

I’ve kind of had an intense couple days.  Thursday was super stressful, Friday was all philosophical, and Saturday was all surviving on no sleep.

After my super stressful day on Thursday, my big plan was to grab a frozen mac and cheese dinner and some beers.  I could have filled my belly with sodium and carbonation, but instead decided cooking myself.

This delicious baked cheese was my own special recipe:

  • whole wheat pasta, cook 3/4 of the way, then put in baking dish with a tablespoon of butter
  • in a food processor, process one package of silken tofu and as much cheese as your stressful day calls for
  • mix with pasta in baking dish
  • throw bread crumbs on top
  • bake at 350 degrees for 20 mins

And while I could have had those beers I mentioned, I opted for a glass of red wine.

Friday was Raquel’s birthday.  I could have bought her a birthday card, but instead I assembled a book of Matt Damon.  She doesn’t like Matt Damon, but I do.

I could have met up with everyone at the bar and ordered food there.  But I had a green smoothie and a bagel before I left.


Today, I could have opted to buy my lunch in the food court since we are out of groceries.  But instead, I’m about to throw this soup in my bag with some fruit and nuts.

These tiny little decisions in my day add up to much healthier options.  You’re never going to be perfect, but don’t give up altogether on your healthy eating when times get tough.

What “could have” decisions have you made in favour of health lately?

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