It’s Like A Great Big Virtual Birthday Card

Today it’s going to be like a Connectober double feature.  For starters I met up with the most loveliest and delightful Gassia for brunch yesterday.  It is really a mystery to me why I don’t hang out in Kensington Market more often.  It’s so cool!

We went to Hibiscus for crepes.

It was the first time for both of us here.  It is the cutesiest place ever!  Everything is organic.  We started with coffee.

I ordered an apple and cinnamon crepe with a side of pistachio ice cream.

Gassia ordered the banana and nutella crepe with a side of almond chocolate ice cream.

Now let’s move on to dinner, which didn’t go as swimmingly.  I made chili and thanks to a great idea I got from Angela, I added pumpkin to it.  I also have a secret chili ingredient that I have been using for years and years.

Yup, beer!  I put half the can in the chili and give half the can to Brad.  It tastes great.

You may notice something in the background of the chili.  It’s cornbread.  It tasted like a brick.  Don’t let this photo deceive you.  I tweeted a question asking how hard it was to make cornbread.  You all told me easy, but you lied.  These suckers were like CARDBOARD!

Okay okay okay okay . . . enough angriness about the brick and butter.

On to Connectober part 2 of this post.  CLAIRE’S 30TH BIRTHDAY!  She is off galavanting in Rome to celebrate, but I found a way for us to connect to her via the world wide web.

Claire here are your birthday wishes from around the world!  (Or just from around the GTA.)

From Ange and Jody:

From Mike and Kathleen: “Claire –  you are growing up!  Happy 30th Birthday from your friends Mike and Kathleen.”

From Emily and Tyler:

From Martha:  ”you’re the best big sister and thanks for trying everything out 15 months before me, its helpful!”

From Brian:  ”we’ve schooled together, we’ve lived together, we’ve even briefly worked together.  None of this has anything to do with your birthday but I wanted to fill up some space.  Happy birthday, Clairol!

From Ryan and Raquel:

From Me and Brad:

Hope you’re having the most fabulous trip Claire!

Claire’s trip to Rome was on a list of things to do before she turned 30, Do you have any bucket list type items that you’re eager to check off the list?

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14 Responses to It’s Like A Great Big Virtual Birthday Card

  1. Andie says:

    Wow! What a fun idea! Happy birthday from me, too.

  2. I LOVE Kensington- definitely need to hang out there more often. I’ve only been twice!

    I have lots of big “bucket-list” type things…
    1. Go on my honey moon
    2. Get my degree in holistic nutrition
    3. Become a yoga instructor
    4. Bring my husband to Italy
    5. Visit Paris, Japan, India, and some tropical place

    …and there are lots more!


  3. Cynthia says:

    I hate it when recipes don’t go as expected. Cornbread can seem easy, but then something can go wrong it all falls apart. I once tried to make a cornbread topping for a chili cornbread casserole and it failed miserably. Hopefully, you can try again and fix them.

  4. Sara says:

    Love the virtual birthday card. Great idea :)

  5. Ooohhh… I guess I fall in that category of kids that deceived you? Sorry to hear about the cornbread mishap… :(

    Next time you feel like trying it again, go for a recipe by Paula Deen. She’s southern. She likes butter. They’ll turn out much better!

  6. Nichole says:

    This is such a kick a** post. How sweet are these birthday wishes. I kind of want to send one!

  7. Kate says:

    Trying adding corn kernels next time, that’s my not-so-secret ingredient : )

  8. Aww, that’s so sweet! She’s one lucky lady to have so many friends!

  9. The crepes look to die for – and pistachio ice cream!!! YUM

  10. Dre says:

    That virtual card was great! Happy Birthday to Claire.

    as for the cornbread thing, sorry I didn’t see the tweets. Its hard and everyone lied to you.

  11. Thanks for the mention Morgan!! Glad your chili turned out better than the cornbread! I actually considered making cornbread the other day as well (because I’ve never had it before), but I’m glad you gave it a good test drive – I might just hold off for a while. :)

  12. Claire says:

    Oh my goodness!!!! I have the best peeps ever!!! Just found out I have wifi at my hotel- yay!! Off to get tickets for an AS Roma game- will thank more when I get home:) ciao!! Grazie!

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