What The Hell Is Connectober

If you were on twitter for say an hour and a half at lunch time yesterday you may remember me crying about folding laundry.

This doesn’t even scratch the service in showing you how much laundry I had to put away.  I’m pretty sure that I haven’t put laundry away since July.  August was too busy, and September was too lazy.  My motto is:  take from the clean basket and throw on the floor when you’re done.  That way nothing is messed up and you only have to pick up what’s on the floor to do laundry.  I’ve shocked you haven’t I?  Yup I’m really messy at my house.  Who knew?  (Okay well Brad knew, and every roommate I had for four years before I moved in with him knew.)

On to more important things like making my first ever home made burger.  I know another shocker.  How on EARTH have I not made my own burger before?  I went to the first one I could find which was Angela’s In a Jiffy Curry Chickpea Burgers.  The only problem is that I seriously STINK at following directions.

See those pumpkin and sunflower seeds?  They’re not supposed to be in there.  You’re supposed to add them afterwards.  Also, I neglected to read that you should cook them for 20-25 minutes per side, not total.  So dinner was 20-25 minutes late.

Either way, they were still delicious.

Alright alright alright, now to the title of this post – What The Hell Is Connectober?  Well hopefully you’ve already figured out that I’ve joined the words connect and October, yes?  Okay good.


  • to have or establish rapport
  • to place or establish in relationship

Connectober will be about staying connected with PEOPLE.  Sometimes we get far too busy in life and forget that it’s the relationships that nurture our soul.  It’s the relationships that nurture our business.  For one month I’m going write posts and participate in activities that fall under these categories:

  • connect with friends
  • connect with family
  • connect for community and support
  • connect for business

I am making a pledge this month to make sure that I nurture all the relationships I currently have and find new ones.  I pledge to seek out face to face encounters and share them with you.  I pledge to discuss how relationships contribute to your over all health and well being.

Will you pledge to make time for relationships this month?

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20 Responses to What The Hell Is Connectober

  1. I like the concept of Connectober! I seriously suck at following recipe directions too. Your burgers look delicious!

  2. Raquel says:

    I absolutly adore folding laundry and putting it away. It makes me so happy to see all my clothes clean and neatly put away in their place :)

  3. I’m sure my b/f would LOVE it if we lived that way ;-) He tends to throw dirty clothes on the floor anyways, even though the laundry hamper is only five feet away! Drives me nutso!

  4. I pledge to nurture my relationships too!! I also like the idea of cultivating some new friendships or letting them blossom. I have a few friends who I could stand to get to know a little better.

  5. I like this concept!!

    Also, I had folding my laundry, and so I dont do it. If it cant be put away in a ball I dont buy it. :)

  6. I said had because Im clearly drunk. I meant HATE.

  7. Sara says:

    I swear laundry is the bane of my existence because it just never ends! Unfortunately I care too much to just wear the same thing for a week straight to fix that problem ;)

    I love this idea of re-connecting with people! I honestly stink at keeping up with friends, unless we’re on the same wavelength about how we communicate. For instance, my best friend and I (she lives in Chicago, I moved back to San Diego a year ago) keep in constant contact via iChat because we’re both at work at the same time, but another one of my close friends never goes on there and so I have to actually call her to chat – and of course, our schedules conflict. So I’ll fully admit being lazy about doing that, and I appreciate the reminder to make a little more effort!! :)

  8. kate says:

    I am awful at reading recipes and I regular miss things, put the wrong amount or don’t realize the cook time. Oh and I guess sometimes Ill start the recipe before I figure out that I dont have all the ingredients! Oops! Enjoy your weekend.

  9. I love this challenge. I miss my friends so often and say I don’t have time to connect with them do to…everything. I’m not going to let that happen. I’m going to try and do this with you.

  10. Andie says:

    I’m trying to connect more effectively & efficiently. This might mean hiring a social media intern!

    Thanks for this idea. :)

  11. ModernMom says:

    Had to comment because I am so thilled to find another woman who hates putting laundry away as much as I do! Love this. Oh, and conect October, what a grat idea!

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  19. Morgan, thank you for introducing me to ‘Connectober’. It is so true that even in a wired world, it’s easy to lose a personal connection. Some days I don’t know where the hours go! Unless you make a point to connect, reconnect and meet new people, then it’s easy to feel disconnected. I’m glad we connected during your Connectober – I think it’s about time I start mine!

  20. P.S. I made Oh She Glows’ In A Jiffy Curry Chick Pea Burgers too! :)

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