I’m Too Girly For Mud

When I left the house at 7am yesterday, it was pouring rain.  Really I got soaked going to work.  I immediately started thinking of excuses to ditch boot camp a la Monday evening.  Much to my delight, the weather cleared up in the afternoon.  So I took off racing from work to get home in time for a snack.

Look how happy my snack is.  Me and Brad split this – mint cookie, banana, mixed nuts (almonds, pistachios, peanuts, pumpkin seeds.)  To which Brad proclaimed “I’m picking out the almonds, it’s all I like.  I didn’t know what mixed nuts meant.”

Then I raced over to the park for my 5th Fit Chicks boot camp session.  Look at our mats laid out so nicely.

We did not use them.  Instead our Fit Chick sergeant sent us running and running and running.  We ran around the park.  Then we ran between pylons.  Then we ran with hand weights.  And in between the running there were burpees and jumping and planks oh my. There was a lot of mud.  Yucky yucky mud.  My hands were in mud.  My shoes were in mud.  So long perfect white sneakers :(  Oh the horror!

Then it got darker and darker and darker.

Okay okay, maybe I am tough enough for boot camp.  But please Mother Nature – no rain on Monday!

When I got home Brad was seemingly doing nothing (goodness only knows what he did while I was at boot camp) and told me he would have to spend the next hour in the bedroom in private.

Get your minds out of the gutter.  He told me he was doing secret birthday things for me.  I asked if he was hand making diamond jewelry and a box full of puppies.  He decided that I was going to hate my birthday if that’s what I thought I was getting.

While he secluded himself.  I made tacos.

Then we watched Survivor and Modern Family and Cougar Town.

Do you workout when the weather is bad?

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6 Responses to I’m Too Girly For Mud

  1. I don’t ever work out outside when the weather stinks. That’s why I have a gym membership!! :)
    Excited to know what your guy has planned!! guys are so sneaky sometimes (in a good way)!!

  2. Sarah says:

    “I didn’t know what mixed nuts meant.” Hahaha, that made my morning. :)

    I’ve only recently realized how much better running outside is vs on the treadmill so I’m not sure how my running will go when the weather gets bad, but I live in Southern California. The weather usually only turns windy in the fall and slightly cooler so no complaining here :) that is, unless there’s a wildfire nearby.

    PS I have the same asics but mine are soooo dirty.

  3. You’re a total trooper. I hit my treadmill and weights indoors during bad weather unless I have a scheduled run with friends……then we usually tough out rain because it’s actually kinda fun to run in the rain so long as it’s not cold!

  4. You’re a trooper indeed! I have to admit that I did blow off my marathon training walk this past weekend…and it was just sprinkling! Afterward I wished I had gone anyway. Good for you for toughing it out, mud and all!

  5. I like running in the rain but don’t do mud. It never comes out of running shoes…EVER!

  6. Stephanie says:

    My shoes survived the Kenyan dirt and the Oxfam 100k Trailwalker! A lot of detergent, a good washing machine, and a couple washes, and they should come back to life a little :)

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