A Tipping Point In Priorities

I’ve gone back and fourth on whether I was going to write this post this morning.  What was I going to say?  Would you want to read it?  Is it appropriate to mention something that happened at work?  I decided to go for it, and just write what I feel and hope that you understand my thoughts.

On Monday evening something quite serious happened near my workplace.  I was not at work but it was a very upsetting experience.  My team members called me and I immediately went into crisis management mode and remained in that mode for the next twenty four plus hours.  It was a really tough twenty four hours.  I didn’t sleep much on Monday night.

As some point between that phone call on Monday evening, and arriving home at 11pm last night, I had a tipping point in priorities.  As a boss, I have a million things happening in my day.  Each day I have to decide what is important each and every minute, and there are times that my priorities change minute by minute.  But for one day yesterday.  The only thing that mattered was taking care of my team.  The only thing that mattered was finding out how everyone was doing, how everyone was feeling.

It certainly made me think about my personal priorities as well.  I tweeted late on Monday evening “when sad things happen, it jolts me back into being true to myself, passionate about what I stand for, and grateful for everything I have.”

So for today, if you would allow me . . . I have no pictures of food or cooking, no updates on exercise.  All I want to post is some pictures that make me smile.

Have you had something happened that jolted your priorities back into place?

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