Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair

Yesterday I woke up to what could only be described as the perfect day.  The sun was shining, I had wonderful plans with wonderful friends, and it was a Saturday and I wasn’t at work.  What could be better?

What were my wonderful plans?  The Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair of course!

Who were my wonderful friends?  My Toronto area bloggies / blogger partners in crime, Susan,  Miranda, and Kristin.

I also got to meet a new friend, Lisa.  She organized the demonstrations at the Fair this weekend and I approached her to talk “business.”  I ended up realizing that we already “knew” each other on twitter (and she’s a blogger too).  I love meeting new people :)

Speaking of cooking demonstrations, that’s where we started.  At the Meghan Telpner presentation.

The poor girl hurt had a xacto knife incident earlier this week.  Her demonstration was awesome.  More than that, I just loved to hear her talk.  Totally enthusiastic, entertaining, and inspirational.  Let me share some of the great things she said besides the word nut sack.  No really she said nut sack a lot, and at one point she said “I wonder how many times I can say nut sack?”

Other than that . . .

The only thing you should have everyday is fresh water, other than that mix it up.

Make your own milk, freeze it into ice cube trays and you can put it into smoothies.

If you have ten minutes to spend on facebook you have 15 minutes to spend in the kitchen.  If you have $100 a month to spend on your iPhone, you have money for groceries.

Ah I love her, can’t get enough of her!  Especially because she gave us lots of samples to try.  On the cracker is her veggie hummus and on the right, a healthy cookie.

After that we made our rounds to all the tents.

I bought as many cookies for Brad as my left arm could handle, thank you New Moon Kitchen.  And I bought as much hemp protein powder as my right arm could handle, thank you Manitoba Harvest.

We grabbed some lunch and listened to some tunes.

Then Susan took off to work the Simply Bar booth, mmmmm protein bars!

I moved on to another cooking demo and wandered the booths a second time.

Thanks Veggie Food Fair!

Do you have any great fairs or festivals happening in your town right now?

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