If You Must Buy Your Lunch: An Idea

Yesterday I was feeling like I needed to hunker down and make a fall breakfast.  But I wasn’t quite ready for just oatmeal by itself.  So I made a hybrid.

I cooked up a full pot of quinoa.  MMMMmmmmm quinoa, I love it because it’s not rice.  Brad hates it because it’s not rice.

While that was cooking I made a bowl of oatmeal with half a banana and a tablespoon of peanut butter.

Then just plop on the nutty grainy goodness that is quinoa.

Okay confession – I had to drizzle a bit of agave nectar on it because it needed just a bit of extra kick.  But other than that it was good.  Now I have a big pot of quinoa, whatever will I use it for.

Cue lunch time.  We were totally out of groceries so I was wondering how I was going to pack myself a lunch.  Whatever I found, it did not make a complete lunch.  So I came of with this widely ingenious idea.  (Yeah I just patted myself on the back.)

On my lunch break, I had to go to the food court and buy some soup.  It was tomato florentine with mushrooms.

Then guess what I brought from home to mix in?

Please tell me you guessed it correctly.  Look it’s like half homemade soup.  Yes it might have a high salt content but now it’s much more filling!

Now finish it off with the only vegetables left in the house, one bell pepper and one carrot.

My odds and ends lunch is WAY better than getting some other greasy food court option.  Wouldn’t you agree?

What do you do when you’re out of groceries and trying to pack a lunch?

FYI – I am at the Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair this afternoon.  If you stop by, hit me with a tweet @LifeAfterBagels and we’ll try to find each other.  A bunch of Toronto bloggers are meeting at the Meghan Telpner demonstration at noon.

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5 Responses to If You Must Buy Your Lunch: An Idea

  1. I am fortunate to have a cafeteria at work to chose from when I don’t pack lunch. So I buy the side dishes and pair it with a soup or salad. It is budget friendly plus healthier – plus I can’t eat a whole meal (I like 3 small meals plus my 2-3 snacks per day).

  2. Such a good idea. I think it’s always better to take whatever healthy things you already have in the house and then add to it by getting something else, rather than buying a complete meal while you’re out. At least then you can guarantee some of it will be healthy.

  3. feener says:

    i can’t find a way to like quinoa

  4. Leah says:

    Im always trying to scrounge up lunch. Usually, I do something ridiculous like mix left over quinoa with whatever veggie I can find, and put some type of sauce on top. Anything will do. Tomato, soy, butter, cheese. Whatever I can find. Sometimes its really good, sometimes its awful. I never try it first either. I like to be surprised. :)

  5. Andrea says:

    If you aren’t a fan of quinoa, try cooking it in broth instead of water. It’s wonderful that way. Maple syrup and trail mix in it for breakfast, maybe a touch of vanilla rice milk…tasty tasty.
    As for what I do when I don’t pack a lunch…well I’m lucky, there is grocery store attached to the mall I work in…

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