I Need More Food

I also happen to need more water.  All week I’ve been getting headaches and I know it’s a dehydration problem.  It happens at work, sometimes I go the whole day without reaching for my water bottle.  Every morning this week, I’ve been sure to go back to my old ritual of hot lemon water to start the day.

I’m starting to feel more hydrated but I definitely need to stay more conscious.

I also need more sleep.  All week it has been an absolute struggle to get up.  My body is telling me that it needs more!  Some people can do the whole 5-6 hours a night, but my body wants 7-8 and sometimes I need to give it 9.

Like the title says, I need more food.  Every night this week I have come home famished.  Almost like a dog foaming at the mouth, I start rummaging through the cupboards with a crazed intensity or very quickly throwing together dinner.  So yesterday I made a very conscious effort to pack a full lunch.  Here you see vegetarian chili with a havarti grilled cheese.

I also forced myself to take two snack breaks.  My morning snack was a larabar (unpictured) and my afternoon snack was the sliced apple.

PS – don’t you just love that sandwich tupperware?  Because I do – so cutesie!

I think I’ve been doing a really great job on listening to my body this week if I do say so myself.  It’s funny because I wish I knew about listening to my body years ago.  I really woke up every morning feeling nauseous, congested, puffy and I just thought it was “morning feeling.”  There was no one telling me that I didn’t have to feel so crappy.  There was no one telling me that I could wake up and feel good (maybe groggy but other than that good!)

How would you rate yourself on listening to your body?

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