From The HLB Crew: What Community Means To Me

Hello everyone!  I am insanely busy at my conference.  You have no idea how intense it is.  On a really cool note – Kate Walsh from Private Practice attended one of our sessions today.  I pretty much think meeting any celebrity is awesome mcpossum. 

So because I knew I was going to be so busy I got some  substitute teachers, I mean guest bloggers to write some good stuff for you. 

Here you go:

I’m Lindsey and I blog over at Sound Eats, where I’m always coming up with new recipes, sharing randomness, and practicing the art of being in tune with my health. I’m also the founder of Healthy Living Blogs. To me, community is everything. Community is the family and friends you envelop yourself with. Community is the people you find yourself surrounded by in the middle of a dark yoga studio or an early race morning. Community is the intricate network of connections you bridge, whether online or in your local community. To me, community plays a role in what defines us and makes us happy. Community is support and love, and more often than not, community is what inspires me to be a better person daily.

I’m Heather, and I ramble on at Then Heather Said, often waxing poetic about healthy living being MORE THAN nutrition and fitness, and focusing on making one healthy decision at a time. You can also find me on Team HLB.

To me, community covers a range of definitions. Community is support. Community is another way to celebrate life.  Community is encouragement.

Community does more than just lift me up and sing my praises, though. Community helps to challenge me; by teaching me things I don’t yet know, by opening my eyes to areas in which I am ignorant, and by inspiring me to constantly reach for better.  Community, and especially the healthy living blog community, makes me a better person.  Not only by helping me to become the best me possible, but by accepting all the parts of me- the past, the in-progress, and the future me. Community aids me to define my heart, my mind and my soul. Community creates, celebrates, and supports all of me.

I’m Julie, the blogger behind Savvy Eats, where I blog about eating locally and seasonally, cycling, and gardening. I am also a member of the Healthy Living Blogs team. To me, being part of a community is sharing ideas and supporting others with similar interests. Community is being able to tweet “I am hitting a wall and still have 20 miles to bike,” and getting 12 encouraging tweets back. Community is posting your most vulnerable feelings and receiving tons of supportive comments. Community is meeting someone for the first time in real life, and feeling like you’ve known them for ages. At HLB, we bring the healthy living community together by helping bloggers find others in the area, and by promoting all kinds of healthy living blogs.

Please share with us, what does community mean to you?

Also, if you haven’t heard yet:

On August 26 at 8pm ET/7pm CT, @ThermosBrand will be hosting a Cold Matters Twitter party to celebrate hydration and introduce you to our new Cold Matters Coaches.  The Coaches are a group of renowned fitness, lifestyle and nutrition experts that will share their tips and advice on how to stay healthy and hydrated, as well as more information on all of the benefits of cold hydration.  The Thermos Cold Matters Coaches include celebrity fitness trainer, Ashley Borden (@ashleyborden), fitness blogger and author Caitlin Boyle (@CaitlinHTP) and registered dietitian, Joanne Larson (@askthedietitian). All that participate are entered to win Thermos hydration bottles!

I won’t be able to attend since I’ll still be away.  Have a great tweet up if you do.

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