Jason Bourne In The Forest

The pink smoothie from the day before was pretty good, but yesterday I YEARNED for my spinach smoothie.

This was a most delicious lunch after a delicious bike ride.

Do you ever have an idea for a post that is so good that you wait to get it exactly right?  Okay that’s kind of what I’ve been sitting on for a few weeks now.  But the silly thing is, I’m sure this post is only going to be “that good” to me.  Because I think I’m hilarious!

Remember when I asked for your ideas on what to name my bike?  Well that sparked some good discussion at bookclub that week and in a rapid fire brainstorm:

“You should name it Matt Damon”

“No you should name it Jason Bourne”

“NO you should name it Matt Damon AS Jason Bourne”

I might have a teensy weensy obsession with this man.  So we ultimately decided on Jason Bourne.  And my friends wanted me to title the announcement blog post “I’m riding Jason Bourne”

Whereas I wanted to title it “I will bring this bike to your doorstep.”  And let’s be honest don’t be surprised if I title a post like that in the near future, sometimes I run out of ideas.

But for today you get Jason Bourne in the forest.  By forest I mean path by my house.

The path was overgrown so much I started to become scared that the tall grass would eat Jason Bourne for lunch.

Okay two last photos, unrelated to Jason Bourne.

What the hell are these things?

This is the fluffiest plant I’ve ever seen.  Do you know what it is?

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?  You can make a list if you need to.

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