The Bikes Have Arrived

And by arrived I mean we went to get them and then rode them all . . . the . . . way . . . home.  Okay it was only 5 miles, but when you’re new to biking it seemed like a lot.  Plus it’s uphill from the lake to our house.

Here is the bike shop where we got them from, Liberty Street Cyclery.

Some friends recommended the bike shop to us because they know the owner, Ed.  We ordered the bikes last week (during my blog hiatus) and they came in this week.  Ed put them together and tinkered with everything to make them perfect for us.

Notice how we have the same bikes.

Mine is little and Brad’s is big.  I’m fine with it, but he hates matchy matchy.  Also I’m going to need to take a poll here:

Who has the better helmet?  Me or Brad?

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5 Responses to The Bikes Have Arrived

  1. I hate to say it, but I like his better. =) Have fun with your new bikes!

  2. jeremy says:

    so is this finally brad getting in shape for our 24 hour adventure race? and as far as helmets go, im not sure what brad’s looks like because the stupid sunglasses keep distracting my eye…so by default you win the helmet war.

  3. kilax says:

    Yay for new bikes! I like your helmet. I always like that kind better for bikes :)

  4. Leah says:

    I think its adorable that you have the same bikes. You should totally wear matching outfits when you’re on them – you would be like a cute, young version of those old couples that wear matching track suits. :)

    I like BOTH your helmets. Brads looks like a boy helmet, so if you wore it that would be strange. But yours looks more like a bike helmet, so maybe you win by default.

  5. Love the blog! Cannot wait to read more.
    I just got a new bike too! So excited !

    Oh, and you look better ;)

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