Dr Phil Would Not Be So Happy

Warning, this post has many unrelated topics.  But heck it’s Friday right?!?!

You know what, I don’t even know if that show is on anymore.  Is it?  For some reason any time I am talking about something emotional, I have to include the Dr Phil reference.  In fact I even use it at work.  Sometimes I’ll say things like “you know what you’re just going to have to have a Dr Phil session with yourself and get over it.”  Speaking of work may I be dramatic and call yesterday the WORST DAY EVERRRRRRR!!!!  When I got home, I ate my feelings.

Hey pizza “is that your victim story?”  Okay enough Dr Phil.

The bad mood didn’t really last that long since I got to sleep in this morning and now I’m officially on vacation woooohooooo.  On Sunday morning Brad and I will be on our way out of Toronto for a good week.  Hello isolation!

Let’s go off on one more unrelated topic – tennis.  Did anyone watch any of that CRAZY three day match?


I was lucky enough to be home yesterday morning for the last of the match.  It was amazing.  Those two athletes amaze me.  If you want to check out the records they broke I posted them in an examiner article this morning.

Go ahead and respond to any of the above topics . . . but more importantly have a FABULOUS DAY.  I know I will – something awesome is happening when Brad is done work.

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