I Will Turn Anything Into A Pizza

Good morning!  Thank you for all of your kind comments yesterday on my new design :)

Now that I’m back to blogging I feel so much more responsible for making interesting meals.  Last night I had a hankering to bbq pizza.  It was probably also the whole it’s summer let’s bbq everything feeling.  But we did not.  I did get creative and make pita pizzas though.

Remember these good ol football shaped friends? I’m just too lazy to make my own dough and I am having trouble finding a premade version with ingredients that I find satisfactory.

Of course I had to make one with meat, or more like I had to blanket one entirely in salami for Brad.

First I baked them.  Then I broiled them to get all crispy and ooohhhey gooohhhey on top.  Delicious!

I partnered it with a super boring salad of just lettuce and spinach.

I used to love making little triscuit pizzas for a meal in college.  But I’d make like 30 of them.

By the way – Last Comic Standing has been awesome so far this season.  That’s all.

What different things have you used for the “dough” of your pizza?

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